Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

When Should a Person Visit a Podiatrist?

Wallace Howell

Your feet may be one of the last things you think about when it comes to your overall health and physical well being, but consider the pounding and abuse your feet go through every day, and especially when you're physically active, wear uncomfortable shoes, or stand all day. It's good to have your feet examined by a doctor at your regular checkups and other appointments, but note when it can be good to visit a podiatrist even between these visits.

Open sores on the feet

Open sores or ulcers can be very dangerous for the feet, as your feet hold quite a bit of bacteria and another contaminants on their surface. When your feet are in shoes and stockings of any sort, these contaminants cannot be dried up or otherwise removed, and the sweat from your feet can then make the problem worse. If left untreated, those ulcers can become infected and, in extreme cases, even lead to the need for a foot amputation. Have a podiatrist check these open sores to note their cause and determine whether you should change your footwear, and then also have them treated and bandaged properly to ensure those ulcers don't become worse.

Fungus under the nails

Fungus under the nails is usually dark brown or greenish in colour, and will also typically have a foul odour. If left untreated, this fungus could spread and cause infection to all the toes. You could lose a nail and this is very dangerous for feet, as nails protect the delicate area at the end of the toes. This fungus can also make the toes painful and interfere with walking, standing, and any use of the feet.

Tingling or burning of the feet

Your feet may feel very sore and even overly warm at the end of a long day, and especially if you stand all day, jog often, or are otherwise active. However, if a cool soak and light massage doesn't fix the tingling and burning sensation in your feet, it's time to visit a podiatrist. This could be a sign of a neuroma, or type of tumour that develops on the base of the feet. This can cause burning and tingling as it pushes against the nerve. This neuroma can be removed with surgery, and you would then need follow-up care or physical therapy; a podiatrist will also advise as to why the neuroma developed, such as from lack of proper support from everyday impact.


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Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

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