Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

  • Treating Shin Splints

    If you're a runner you may have encountered shin splints, termed medial tibial stress syndrome. Pains that run down your shins normally affect athletes engaged in high impact exercise. The condition can be very painful and usually falls into one of two categories. The first is anterior shin splints, which affect the front of the shin. These are caused by problems in the muscle responsible for raising and lowering your foot as you run or walk, termed the tibialis anterior.

  • Why Are You Suffering From Heel Pain?

    Although heel pain can be debilitating, you should note that this a term that generalises a broad assortment of conditions that you could have developed. Therefore, before your heel pain can be addressed, you would need to diagnose what is causing it in the first place. Over-the-counter medications may help with managing the pain, but without fixing the root of the problem, you would end up with chronic heel pain. So why could you be suffering from heel pain?

  • General Tips for Maintaining the Health of Your Feet

    You may not give much thought to your feet throughout the day, but anyone who has suffered a foot injury, fungal infection, or other such condition can attest to how important it is to keep feet healthy! Even a slight foot condition can interfere with your ability to walk or stand properly, and a seemingly minor foot problem can lead to major health concerns and the need for eventual foot surgery.

  • 3 Serious Problems Faced by Runners with Flat Feet

    You might have heard of a condition known as 'flat feet', but you might not be totally sure what it is. Essentially, people with flat feet have a medial longitudinal arch that has either flattened out or collapsed completely—as a result, the foot will show no or very little arch when it is placed down against the floor. It's a condition that demands attention, but it's particularly important for runners to address the issue, and here are just three reasons why.

  • How a Podiatrist Can Help Your Bunions

    If you're noticing a bony swelling at the base of your big toe, the chances are you have a bunion. Such swellings aren't the only sign; you may also notice your big toe pointing in the wrong direction, callused skin on your big toe, pain in the area when wearing tight shoes, or changes to the shape of your foot that make wearing your usual footwear difficult. If you suspect you have a bunion, there are several ways your podiatrist can help.

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    Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

    Hi, my name is Julie, and in the past, I have been too embarrassed to wear sandals or flip flops to the beach. While all my friends had beautiful, silky smooth feet, I had crusty, dry and sometimes fungus-laden feet. My options seemed to be socks with sandals or avoiding the beach altogether. Since there was no way I was going to do either of those, I met with a podiatrist and launched on a journey to fix, protect and maintain my feet. Along the way, I learned a ton of facts, home remedies and foot protection strategies. I plan to include all of those ideas and more in this blog, and I hope the posts here help you.