Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

Understanding Causes of Foot Pain and Treatment Options

Wallace Howell

Your feet may take more abuse and may suffer more wear and tear than you realize; after all, they carry your entire weight with every step, and often get crushed into ill-fitting shoes with socks that keep them overly warm and which rub and chafe at the skin. It's no wonder that foot pain is actually somewhat common! While this pain can often be very minor and subside after a few hours, there are some times when the cause of that pain will require intervention. Note some common causes of foot pain and your treatment options.

Heel pain

Heel pain is often caused by poor-quality footwear; tight shoes may pinch the back of the heel, or high heels may not allow your feet to absorb the impact of every step, putting more pressure on the heels. These simple causes of heel pain are easy fixes; you need to rest your feet and buy new shoes!

However, if this is not the cause of heel pain, you may have heel spurs. These are bony growths at the base of the heels that form over the years and are more common for runners, people with flat feet, and people who stand on their feet all day. Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy to break down the spurs, or you may need surgery if this doesn't address the problem.

Like walking on pebbles

If you feel a sensation at the bottom of your feet like you're walking on pebbles, this can be what's called a stone bruise, or a very deep bruise along the foot. This is often caused by a fall, or other impact, and may go away on its own.

If the sensation persists, however, you may have actually suffered a hairline fracture in the foot. The pain then radiates to the bottom of the foot and you feel pressure all over, like pebbles. An x-ray can determine if you need a cast or just bed rest so your foot can heal.

Numbness around the toes

If you feel numbness or any odd sensation around the base of the toes, this is often caused by what is called a neuroma. This is a thickening of the tissue, caused by pressure and lack of proper foot support. Women who wear high heels are most at risk for this neuroma, but it can also be caused by tight shoes, running, and impact on the feet. A doctor may suggest steroid injections around the toes to break up this tissue, or you may eventually need surgery to correct it.


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Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

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