Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

Protecting and Maintaining Graceful Beautiful Summertime Feet

Tips for avoiding chronic foot pain at work

Wallace Howell

Foot injuries occur more often than you might think. Tripping on a slippery floor, wearing the wrong shoes or exerting excess pressure on your feet can cause long-term injuries. The foot contains hundreds of muscles that work in unison to keep you moving. A single strain, tear or pull could limit your flexibility and result in persistent discomfort. This is why paying close attention to the health of your feet is critical. Here's how you can avoid getting foot injuries at work.

Avoid tripping on items on your floor

Trips and falls are one of the most common injuries you can obtain in the workplace. Unfortunately, tripping can also trigger foot pain due to muscle straining. Many employees strain their feet when they trip on floor mats or fall on slippery floors. This is why you should be careful while walking at work. Keep an eye out for wet floor signs and avoid quick or sudden movements on slippery floors.

Wear comfortable shoes

Employees tend to hurt their feet when they wear the wrong shoes for work. For example, shoes with high heels or unleveled soles can exert forces along different parts of your foot. You may, therefore, end up experiencing straining, pain and general discomfort during or after work. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that have cushioned soles. They should absorb impact when you walk quickly, jump or even run. A stable sole also prevents you from twisting your foot if you were to make sudden adjustments during daily work duties. 

Take frequent breaks if you stand for long periods

Many jobs involve employees standing for long periods at a time. From waitresses to bank tellers and even doctors, standing for hours can cause strain in the muscles of your feet. Consider taking regular breaks to sit down (or adjust your standing position) while on duty. The surface you're standing on should also be as level as possible to prevent you from hurting your toe muscles.

Attend workplace safety training programs

Workplace safety programs aim to inform employees about the risks they can encounter in the workplace. These programs also teach basic safety tips, including how to avoid falling and straining various parts of your body. Attend these sessions to learn how you can keep your feet and entire body healthy. Discomfort from a sore foot can easily spread to your ankle, knees and entire leg. This is why you should pay close attention to the sensitive foot muscles whenever you're at work.

Contact a podiatrist or other professional near you in order to learn more about how to avoid foot pain.


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